Randy Ferguson is currently an Adobe Certified Associate at Photoshop CS6

Randy Ferguson, the teacher of PHCC’s Media Design and Production courses and PHCC’s present Media Director, has become an Adobe Certified Associate at Photoshop CS6. To be able to get this designation, Ferguson had to pass a strict 50 minute test that assesses both performance-based and profession-based competency. More info https://www.openbookexam.org/

Obtaining this certification a part of Ferguson’s prep for its Media Design and Production courses which are offered this coming Spring. The program is intended to teach students the fundamentals in television and video production. Not merely are Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects integral areas of the program, but students will have the chance to take the exact same Adobe certification exam at the conclusion of the program.

“I have taken the test and passed on,” explained Ferguson. “I understand what type of questions are about it and we prepare our pupils.”

Using the ACA designation can help pupils as they seek employment within the area of media design and creation. After successfully finishing the exam, students will get ACA emblems that could be affixed to their own resumes.

“With those emblems in their resumes could truly help them,” Ferguson said. “The ACA designation reveals companies that the student can operate in Photoshop in a specific degree.”

Ferguson has been using Photoshop because the mid-90’s, but as an increasing number of resources have become available for designers with-in the past couple of decades, he’s the opportunity to become more skillful.

“I’ve attended any Photoshop conventions, the World Wide Web is now filled with advice, and that I came in touch with an increasing number of colleagues that were really good with this,” Ferguson recalled. The Media Design and Production program provides students with a number of these tools and networking opportunities.

“Through a great deal of trial and error, online searches, and appearing over peoples’ shoulders, I became skillful,” said Ferguson, “For pupils taking PHCC’s Media Design and Production courses this learning procedure should grow to be far more streamlined.”


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